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About Tales of Antiquity

There are a wealth of reasons that make antique collecting such a popular activity – whether it is the thrill of discovering hidden gems, decorating a new property with a distinct style or looking for investment opportunities. But, no matter if it’s a bargain or an asset that you are searching for, Tales of Antiquity has an abundance of antiques for you to discover.

We are also certified assessors in deceased estates, It pays to know the value of what you own or inherit, whether you need to purchase insurance, divide up your assets, value an estate or determine the worth of charitable tax deductions. And in many cases, an appraisal is required, to obtain insurance or to write off taxes on donated items that exceed a certain amount. With all this said we can give you unbelievably valuable advise.

We are willing to provide you with free estimates for many high quality antique and collectible items every saturday. Accurate estimates require highly specialized knowledge so we recommended that you come to Tales of Antiquity to get expert estimates to find out what your prized possesions are worth.

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Assessors in deceased estates
We at Tales of Antiquity are registered assessors in deceased astates

Buy, Sell, Swop and Trade
we buy, sell, swop and trade furniture, silver, gold, costume jewellery or anything old.

"Off the cuff" estimates
Every Saturday morning we will give you a free "off the cuff" estimate on anything

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We are here to bring you the forgotten Treasures of the world

Our Certification


Why Us?

  • Fully registered assesor in deseased estates
  • Government certified appraiser
  • Free accurate "off the cuff" evaluations
  • Designer of Antique jewelery
  • Professionals in Silver and Gold investments
  • International dealings, buying and selling
  • Expert in all things old and wonderful
  • 30 years of experience
  • Creaters of Mew Mew jewellery